Work Experience

  • Feb 2015-Nov 2017: Independent Researcher, Cognitive Robotics Laboratory, ECE Department, University of Tehran, Iran.

Duties: The general scheme of my research was to investigate the benefits of incorporating compliant elements in a robotic structure and to develop methodologies for designing these elements. I collaborated in several projects with multiple M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in the laboratory. I was involved in designing the simulation frameworks (in C++ and MATLAB), obtaining and analyzing the results and preparing the technical reports. Details are available in the four published papers that resulted from these projects during this time.

  • Mar 2015-Nov 2017: Private Tutoring

Duties: Teaching Calculus I & II, Engineering Probability and Statistics, Algorithm Design I and Advanced Programming courses. The topics where covered according to the manuscripts and course books taught in the computer engineering undergraduate degree. The sessions consisted of reviewing the materials and problem solving based on the student's needs to prepare them to take the M.Sc. degree national entrance exam.

May 2015-Aug 2016: Graduate Researcher, Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory, ECE Department, University of Tehran, Iran.

Duties: The project was defined on developing systems to identify Autistic children. I was part of a team working on using Central Pattern Generators for the gait recognition process. I developed the CPG model in Simulink toolbox in MATLAB (with and without coupling), which was later used to extract features from experimental data gathered by Kinect. The results of this research were published in a conference paper.

2008-2011: Private Tutoring

Duties: Teaching Physics and Mathematics to high school students preparing to take the national university entrance exam.